Real Estate Services - Investment and Property Management

How much is your property worth as a Short Term Rental?  Scroll down complete the form, and we can get started!

Residential Real Estate at VisitFruita is our passion.  Our local team loves helping guests and owners achieve 5 Star Satisfaction.  Our program is built on a great local team of professionals.  We all live, work, and play in Fruita, Colorado.

Real Estate Investment

Considering a purchase?  Need access to MLS search for the latest properties available?  Need to talk about cash flows?  Need assistance in looking at comps and deciding the best value?  Who better to enlist for your investment advice than the team that is responsible for its management!  We check all the boxes and can help.

Property Management - Gold Standard

This is the “Go-To” standard for most owners.

  • Your home will have an address and portfolio at
    • All Marketing Channels are available!
  • Local Team to manage guest booking questions.
  • Automated Check-In with our Hospitality App.
  • Your own calendar.  You can make reservations, and and manage blocks.
  • Property Management, Reservations, and Guest Services 24/7/365.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Amenities.
  • Owners “Statement” available each month for your review.

Property Management - Platinum Guarantee

Special Luxury Homes can be offered a Guarantee.  All the above plus:

  • We lease your home from you for 2 years or greater.  Lease payments are a fixed amount and guaranteed!

Channel Partners our Owners gain access to

Real Estate Services Inquiry

How much income can my property make?  Great question, let’s get started below.

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