How much is my property worth?

Short Term Rentals, sometimes called AirBNB’s or VRBO’s are a great way to see a return on your Real Estate Investment.  We maximize owners revenue, and occupancy.

Services we Provide

  • Your home will have an address and central reservations point at  
  • Your property is pushed to every major travel booking site.  You’re literally seen by the world.
  • Local Team.  We all live, work, and play in the Grand Valley.
  • Reservations.
  • Guest Services.
  • Property Management.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Maintenance.
  • Amenities.
  • Automated Secure Touch Free Check-In.
  • Your own calendar.  You can make reservations, and and manage blocks.
  • Tax Collection and Remittance.
  • Owners “Statement” available each month for your review.
  • Monthly Direct Depost into your account.

More Revenue, Higher Occupancy

Owners on our program realize more revenue and a a higher percentage of occupancy.  How?  We don’t rely on one source of guests.  We have partnered with all the travel platforms to put your property in front of THE WORLD!  This includes our own organic marketing and return guests.

Considering a Real Estate Purchase?

We have got you covered.  We are a full service Real Estate Company.  If you need to start from scratch and search for that investment property, or you’re working with a Realtor and just need a cash flow for Short Term Rentals, we’re here to help.

Curious? Let’s get started!

Just a couple pieces of information below and we will go to work providing you a Revenue, Occupancy, and FAQ’s.  Should you decide to move forward, we are here every step of the way facilitate your success.

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